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      My laptop has had an DC port issue since 2014 when it blew out on me. I paid 45 dollars to micro center JUST  to have them tell me that this was the issue and it would cost 500 REAL DOLLARS (Bender's voice) to fix it!!!! WHAT?????!!!!!! THAT'S A WHOLE NEW LAPTOP!!!!!! So I said, "Screw that crap". So it sat there for over a year and some change before I finally came across a website that intrigued me. Don't know how I came across it, but I like what I read. Hmmmmm, well I will email them to see how fast of a response I get. So I emailed them (it was late so wasn't expecting a quick response) and went to sleep. Next morning I had an email from them in my inbox with my questions answered. So I decided to ask more question, did my research and saw more than enough reviews and transactions to say ok let's give it a shot.

    So I paid 100 upfront via paypaI thru their website, emailed them my P.O.P and info, packed my laptop and shipped it via fedex (18 and some change to ship it and I emailed them the tracking number. I got a response. All was well. Saw they received it and was just waiting to hear from them. They received it on a Sat so I wasn't expecting them to ship it back Sun. Usually they will fix it and ship it within 24 hours my mine was a day longer. We emailed and they ensured me they would expedite my process and ship it out ASAP. Well they did and they ensured me that it was fixed and I needed an AC adapter since mine was completely dead and even recommended me on one I should get. They emailed me the tracking number and my laptop was sent back to me via UPS, assured me in the UPS note that it was fixed and it was fast!!!! I ordered the recommended  AC adapter. When I received it, I plugged it into my port and the light lit right up and I knew it was legit. My HP Pavilion is back home and happy as ever and so am I!

    I recommend these guys for sure. I was skeptical at first of course because you can't really trust anything on the web but you can trust these guys. They are awesome and are truly everything they say. Fast, reliable, trustworthy, honest and awesome. for 118 roughly, if you have a DC port issue, they will fix it and cost you way less (see above for my micro center experience with this same issue). Best deal and service you can find for this issue. Don't throw away that laptop, don't buy a new one if there's no need, don't let it sit there and die!!!! send it to the POWER JACK GUYS!!!!

    thumb Chris R.

      After taking my laptop in, what was originally thought to possibly be a disconnected wire or a broken jack turned out to be corrosion build-up on both the pin and the power port.  A bit of cleaning, a little filing, some soldering, and my laptop was consistently charging again.  I am very happy with the communication, the process, and the results.

    thumb R. M.

      It's hard to find honest and capable people these days.  Eugene works out of his home office which may be different but it is efficient. He is very good at hardware and diced my laptop when I was in a jam.  

    A sincere thanks for helping me out and I am sure I will be back again.

    thumb Kabir K.

      I shipped my computer from Seattle Washington. My ASUS N73SV laptop was repaired and shipped back to me for $100. Service was fast and the laptop is now charging as intended. I am very happy with the service I received.

    thumb Randy W.

      I needed a power jack replaced in my computer.  Took him about an hour, no issues and works great.  

    I've done this work before, but never having to solder.  This guy was an good though, much appreciated.  I would do business with him again in a heart beat.

    Oh and the price is right to at $100.  I've been quoted anywhere from $150 - $300 so this is a great price for what you're getting.

    thumb Michael L.

      After not being able to find anyone locally to do such a repair, I located Power Jack Repair via Youtube after watching them fix the same make/model of laptop I was having issues with. According to the tracking numbers, Power Jack Repair had my laptop in their care and custody for 24 hours before shipping it back to me.

    I wouldn't hesitate at all using this company. Awesome and fast service as well as excellent communication.

    thumb Matt D.

      Great guy. Found his video on youtube which led me to look up his location. Could not believe he was in my neighborhood. Saved my laptop. Thank you!

    thumb Fred F.

      Very skilled technician working out of his home. Professional and polite. You can mail your laptop in or just drop it off locally if you're in the area. Charges a fair flate rate and works quickly. We had a problem with a laptop power jack requiring a complete disassembly, he was available to do it the same day in one hour for $100. Total lifesaver, worth every penny.

    thumb D H.

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Dave Mason
Dave Mason
15:05 04 Apr 19
Incredible service. Got me up and running quickly.
Steve Jones
Steve Jones
14:54 21 Sep 18
Easy - just like it should be. Mailed my laptop, provided my email for the return tracking number. Looks like it was fixed within 1 business day of receipt, and then sent back to me. Works like a champ. I would not hesitate to use this service again. Thank you!!
John Mixer
John Mixer
14:00 06 Jan 18
Got my computer fixed within 2 hours of dropping it off and did it for a reasonable price considering Best Buy and others will probably rape your wallet!
Ted Buczek
Ted Buczek
13:52 02 Jun 16
Took care of me after work and fixed it within an hour. Other place quoted me 200 to 250. Would highly recommend this business. Nice guy too.
Victor Bueno
Victor Bueno
20:52 01 Jun 16
Replaced my dc jack in less than an hour, great service, very fast! Thanks!
Gary Jones
Gary Jones
15:18 03 Sep 15
Fantastic service with high quality repairs. I've had several charging ports repaired here and it's always a great experience. They even bailed me out on a previous repair(done elsewhere) that had severely damaged copper traces to the AC jack. Saved me from having to purchase a new motherboard. These guys have saved me a ton of money over the years. Thanks for everything and keep up the great work !!!
Dorothy Galuppo
Dorothy Galuppo
16:24 27 Jul 15
Amazing! Clearly knows what he's doing, very quick and fair with pricing! When I continued to have problems he fixed it in 15 mins!! Thank you so much, you're a life saver!
matt leep
matt leep
20:35 20 Jun 14
Mailed in motherboard. Got it back couple days later. Put it back together and it works great again. Saved a $600 laptop for $60. Thanks
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